MapPIN'on OSM - Registration form of RSS

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You, author of photos, need to agree the follow terms before registering your RSS for your photos.

All your photo files (JPEGs) listed in your providing RSS must be in public.
"In public" means that anyone can access your photo by http protocol used by standard web browsers. It doesn't means public domain or copyright transforming. Your rights for your photograph are reserved.
You need to allow your photos to be used as sources and references for drawing OpenStreetMap.
Please allow OpenStreetMap contributors to use your photo as a reference or a source with a link to the photo.
You need to hold your own copyright or a license for all the photos to agree those terms above.
It means that "DO NOT register others' photos without license".

Input URL of a RSS of your photo blog site that you want to show on MapPIN'on OSM if you agree the above. Here is policy of MapPIN'on OSM which is not required to be agreed.

If you are flickr user, registering "flickr:" URI is better than RSS.

The URI of registering RSS

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